Setting up and applying Tiered Discounts

Setting up and applying Tiered Discounts


Tiered discounts enable you to apply additional discounts to any items ordered by your B2B Portal customers. The discounts are applied based on the quantity of individual items ordered by a particular B2B account. They are typically used to encourage customers to order larger quantities and placing orders via the LogixOne B2B Portal.

Tiered Discounts module within Zoho CRM.
Tiered discount being applied to line item within customer order from B2B Portal.

How to implement Tiered Discounts

Tiered discounts can be established and modified using the 'Tiered Discounts' module that is installed when installing LogixOne B2B Portal for Zoho CRM. 

The following video demonstrate how to create tiered discounts and apply them on a per account basis;

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