How to setup B2B Accounts within Zoho CRM

How to setup B2B Accounts within Zoho CRM

How to create LogixOne B2B accounts within Zoho CRM.

LogixOne B2B portal uses the native 'Accounts' module within Zoho CRM to create LogixOne B2B portal accounts.  It is in the Accounts record that you configure the following:

NOTE: Configuring an account for access to the LogixOne B2B Portal requires a two-step process:

The first is to nominate the account as a B2B portal account, set the accounts login email and discounting structures and the second is to select products and modify pricing.
It is important to remember that to push any changes to the portal whether that be creating an account, modifying the account or updating any products that you click the 'sync Account to B2B Portal' button and the 'sync Products to B2B Portal' button.  Nothing will change until these buttons have been clicked.

  1. Make the Account active in the B2B portal
  2. set the B2B Accounts login email address
  3. Set any discounting
  4. Choose any products and set tailored pricing
  5. Synchronise any Account and/or Product pricing to the Accounts B2B portal.

Instructional Video

The following video details how to create LogixOne B2B accounts.

Create or edit an existing Zoho CRM Account

To configure a  Zoho CRM account for LogixOne B2B Portal access you simply need to either create a new Zoho CRM account or edit an existing Zoho CRM account.

Once you have entered the normal account details scroll down to the 'B2B Portal' section and TICK the 'Active in B2B Portal' checkbox.

Once ticked you shall then see the remaining B2B Portal fields.

B2B Login Email: Enter the email address that your customer would like to use to access their instance of your B2B Portal in the 'B2B Login Email' field.
Discount Group: Select the accounts 'Discount Group'  Discount Groups subtract pre-set discounts from the 'Discount Groups' module to any price in the 'Unit Price' 'B2B Product List' sub form field.
Tiered Discounts: Tick if B2B Portal Account has access to 'Tiered Discounts'
Revenue Discounts: Tick if B2B Portal Account has access to 'Revenue Discounts'

At this time you can either continue to add in B2B products of click the 'Sync Account to B2B Portal button.  This will create the accounts B2B portal environment.

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