How to set up Your Zoho Accounts pricing and Discount Groups

How to set up Your Zoho Accounts pricing and Discount Groups


The B2B Portal implementation within Zoho CRM enables you to set the pricing you want that CRM Account to place orders at.  This is achieved by updating information in the 'B2B Portal Product List' subform.   This subform allows you to select specific products from the native Zoho Product module and then apply direct discounts or modify directly to be published to the selected accounts B2B portal.
NOTE: The values in the 'Portal Price' field is what is published to the B2B portal.

Entering products and pricing into the B2B Portal Product Sub-form

There are    ways that you can set this pricing, these are:

  1. Standard Unit price - when you select a product from the Zoho CRM products module it will populate the 'Unit Price' field with the products module.
  2. Manual Unit Price - You can edit the B2B Product List Sub-form and enter 'Unit Prices' manually.
  3. After the 'Unit Prices' have been entered you can select the 'Discount Group' that you would like to apply to the Account, this shall apply the selected discount to the 'Unit Prices'

Discount Groups

Discount groups enable you to apply a percentage discount automatically to the unit prices within the LogixOne 'B2B Product List'.  When the CRM user selects the appropriate 'Discount Group' the corresponding percentage discount is applied to the products 'Unit Price'.  Discount groups enable you to categorise your accounts and can be applied on a per account basis.

For example you may wish to in Incentivise larger customers by providing them with greater discount levels and categorising them into discount groups. 

A typical customer example

ACME cleaning has over 1000 accounts of all different buying behaviour. A percentage of their accounts purchase on a regular basis and above a certain value that the company would like to incentivise or reward with additional discount. As such they have created three 'Discount Groups':

Gold = 15%
Silver =10%
Bronze = 5%

The Company is now able to choose which accounts belong to which Discount Group. Any company that is associated with the Gold Discount Group will attract a 15% discount from the products unit price by default.

How To Video

The following video demonstrates how to create discount groups and apply these discounts to the 'B2B Product List' sub form;


  1. To reset the 'Unit Prices' remove the values in the 'Unit Price' field in the B2B Product List Sub-form and refresh the page.

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