How to download, install and use Zoho Workdrive on Windows PC

How to download, install and use Zoho Workdrive on Windows PC


Zoho work drive is a great tool for centrally storing and backing up files of all types from either a PC or mobile device.

In addition to being able to edit files within a browser using the Zoho workdrive applications you can also synchronise files and folders that you have access to your local computer and thus leverage programs such as Microsoft excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and the like to edit the files, just as Would with other applications such as Microsoft onedrive and dropbox.

In this video we show you how to download and install the zoho work drive application for Windows PCs. In addition will show you how to connect the synchronisation app to your zoho work drive account and select folders and files to synchronise to your PC.

We will also show you how to open and edit the files on your PC and see how they synchronise to zoho work drive.

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