How to connect your Gmail to Zoho CRM.

How to connect your Gmail to Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM allows you to communicate directly with your contacts.  If there is an email address associated with a record you can send that email address an email.  You can connect a wide range of email services such as Gmail, Office 365, Zoho Mail and many more.  The email connection service supports POP and IMAP email protocols which each have their own idiosyncrasies, Iseka Service suggest using IMAP as it provides 2-way sync between Zoho CRM and your email provider.  However please note that changes made in Zoho CRM will occur inside your mail server, so for example IF you delete an email in Zoho CRM it will delete on the mail server and vice versa.

You can continue to use, either Zoho CRM or your email service, eg Gmail to send and receive email.

The following video shows you how to connect your own Zoho CRM account to Gmail.

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